Smash Repairs Canberra

Smash Repairs Canberra

The Canberra Region is known for having some demanding driving conditions, from wildlife to our Winter climate the conditions are always changing, car accidents can be a common occurrence. Car accidents are traumatic for all involved, particularly when it comes to the unconsidered expenses that can come from having the car repaired while trying to ensure that it is repaired well. Fortunately for Canberra residents, NV Panel and Paint are experts in quality smash repairs.

Analysing paint types 

The trained professionals at NV Panel and Paint know how to analyse the type of metal or plastic that a car is made from, and how to approach repairing and repainting the damage in the best way possible.

There are many types of paint that can be used when repairing a car and the most suitable ones need to be used to ensure the car is repaired to the highest standards. The most common types of paints that an expert at NV Panels and Paint will consider are listed below.

Solid paint

Ideal for scrapes and panel dents, solid paint is a common type of paint that will mask any deep damage to a car’s panels. The most common colours are red, blue, black and white, and most vehicles are painted with a solid paint colour.

Solid paint is applied with a single application, then secured with a lacquer to ensure longevity and an even coating.

Metallic paint

The base makeup of metallic paint is almost identical to that of solid paint, except metallic paint includes aluminium particles. Metallic paints will be used to ensure cars with a glean in their original paint coating will still appear smooth and shiny.

Pearlescent paint

Pearlescent paint is often used on luxury cars. It contains ceramic crystals that reflect light.

Matte paint

Rare but eye-catching, matte coated cars can only be repaired with matte coat paint. The matte look of the paint needs to be applied perfectly when repairing the paint job to ensure any damage is not noticeable.

At the end of the day

The enthusiastic experts at NV Panels and Paints are passionate about using the perfect paint to repair a car to its original state after a car accident, call them today on 6169 4929.